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Question   Jouney
Just had a tour through some of the places you've been! This time I choosed the ones we were too! Was great to see them through your eyes! Did you also saw the show at Amargosa? Will come back for sure and look at other places!
Regards, Anne-Marie (ViewBug amb1946).

- Anne-Marie Bokslag October 22, 2013

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Question   exceptional
wow your work is FUN!!!

- Greg McKelvey April 10, 2013

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Question   Greetings
Just wanted to say hello, and let you know that I enjoyed your portfolio! They say that in order to be a great photographer, you must develop your own style. You certanly heve done exactly that. Very unique, and lovely work.

- Teresa Moore November 01, 2012

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Question   Just Beautiful !!
A fantastic website. Here are a lot of nice art. Thank you for your comment.

- Riina N. S. June 13, 2012

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Question   "...lines of communication..."
...thank you for your kind remark concerning my photo, "...lines of communication..." It is nice to hear from someone once in a while who enjoys your work. Thank you again, respectfully; ...Chuck...from betterphotos.com

- Charles V. Struse Sr May 14, 2012

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Question   Hello...
I ate breakfast at the Amargosa Cafe last week-end. I fell in love with one of your works of art that Ruthie has in the cafe window. I sat there mesmerized at its beauty while I enjoyed my coffee. It was sooo beautiful that it took my breath away. Thank you... for sharing your amazing talent and gift with the World.

- Dawn Duncan April 30, 2012

  Answer Dawn said it perfectly, "...sharing your amazing talent and gift with world."

- Rick Phillips  May 14, 2013

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Question   Hi
Nice job and fanbulas work...god bless

- Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury February 28, 2012

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Question   beautiful
some beautiful work in here

- A A June 08, 2011

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Question   ...praise...
What a beautiful site and work!

Nancy Barnhart

- Nancy Barnhart November 11, 2010

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Question   website
Your techniques are great! I have enjoyed your website thanks. If you ever in Az. I would love a lesson on PS.
So many beautiful pictures.

- Michelle T. Hekle October 29, 2010

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Question   Awesome
Howdy, JudyAnn! Wow, what a really great website. Keep all that fantastic creativity flowing!

- Sarah Springer September 01, 2009

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Question   Beautiful!
Beautiful photography Judy! I really enjoyed looked at your website and galleries.

- Christine Pentecost July 11, 2009

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Question   Beautiful Photos
Hello Judy. I enjoyed viewing your gallery very much. Your work is beautiful. You are wonderfully talented and creative. I will be back to visit again!

- Deborah A. Ciullo May 30, 2009

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Question   Wonderful
Have been to visit your website a couple of times . . . . . what a gifted artist you are.

- Carolyn McIntosh May 07, 2009

  Answer I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful comments, Carolyn. I love what I do and put so much of myself in every creation... I am honored to have you as a regular visitor! Please say 'Hi!' when you drop in again! JudyAnn

- JudyAnn Rector  July 11, 2009

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Question   your entire body of work
You are both a great photographer and an outstanding artist... it's an honor to view your work.

- Rick Phillips April 16, 2009

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Question   Fantastic Gallery
Love your work. Your photos are so creative and show how much talent you have in them. Lisa

- Lisa R. Buffington January 07, 2009

  Answer Thank you, Lisa, for taking the time to not only view my gallery but to leave a comment as well. It means so much to me and I sincerely appreciate your support! I hope you are having a wonderful New Year! JudyAnn

- JudyAnn Rector  January 16, 2009

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Question   Website
Very artistic. I love the work that you do.

- Nancy Campbell December 29, 2008

  Answer Thank you for visiting, Nancy! I sincerely appreciate your supportive comments. Please come back once in awhile, as I will be continually adding new images. Have a wonderful New Year. JudyAnn

- JudyAnn Rector  December 29, 2008

  Answer Judy, I could spend hours viewing your work. You are very gifted. I plan to come back again and again.

- Mary Francis  May 06, 2009

  Answer Thank you, Mary. I am thrilled you not only visited, but that you enjoyed your visit so much! Please do stop by whenever you can... I am uploading new images all the time and always working on new techniques. I deeply appreciate your kind support. Always, JudyAnn

- JudyAnn Rector  May 07, 2009

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