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from Nancy Campbell Website

Very artistic. I love the work that you do. Previous Response:
on December 29, 2008
 Thank you for visiting, Nancy! I sincerely appreciate your supportive comments. Please come back once in awhile, as I will be continually adding new images. Have a wonderful New Year. JudyAnn Previous Response:
on May 06, 2009
 Judy, I could spend hours viewing your work. You are very gifted. I plan to come back again and again. Previous Response:
from JudyAnn Rector
on May 07, 2009
 Thank you, Mary. I am thrilled you not only visited, but that you enjoyed your visit so much! Please do stop by whenever you can... I am uploading new images all the time and always working on new techniques. I deeply appreciate your kind support. Always, JudyAnn 

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